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EPD is conceived as a “Community of practice“. That is, a group of organisations which work together because, by doing so, they can substantially improve the way they operate in the realm of democracy support. This notion does not only apply to EPD as a network and its institutional development, but also to all the actions and partnerships constructed under the EPD banner.

The following organisations are members of EPD and have signed the EPD statutes. All members take part in the General Assembly that governs the organisation and where seven members are elected to the EPD Board for a period of 2 years. From these 7 board members, a President, Vice-President and Treasurer are elected for the duration of the 2 year period.

CFI supports media development from Africa to Asia.
Defending freedom of expression and information
Danish Institute for Parties and Democracy
Demo Finland
is a cooperative organisation of all the Finnish parliamentary parties supporting multiparty democracy in new and developing democracies.
provides Assistance, Expertise and Research to support Parliaments.

ALDA brings together local authorities and civil society to turn their communities into better places to live in.

ePaństwo Foundation's aim is to develop democracy, open and transparent authorities and civic engagement.
European Exchange
European Exchange is committed to the democratic development of Europe and its neighbourhood.

The NHC supports activities related to conflict prevention, human rights protection, upholding of the rule of law, and the promotion…


NIMD works to promote peaceful, just and inclusive politics worldwide. NIMD is non-partisan and driven by democratic values.

The Oslo Center

The Oslo Center is an independent, non-partisan democracy assistance center.

People In Need

People in Need supports human rights activists and promotes open, participatory democratic processes.


is a School of Freedom and Personal Responsibility, committed to the highest standards of excellence and integrated into a vast…


WFD works to establish legitimate multi-party democracy in developing countries through international cooperation.

Club de Madrid
is composed of over 90 democratic former Presidents and Prime Ministers who work on democratic leadership and governance, response to…
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