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  • Takeaways from #EPDAC2023

    150 participants, 36 renowned speakers, and 10 thought-provoking sessions revolving around support for democracy at EPD’s 2023 Annual Conference.

  • Democracy in Review: The First Half of 2023

    From the assault of Bolsonaro’s supporters on the Congress in Brazil to Wagner’s failed coup attempt, we reflect on the state of democracy over the first six months of 2023.

  • European Democracy Hub

    Your one-stop-shop for democracy research

    Thinking, Advocating, Acting.

    The most important thing about EPD is in our name. We are a partnership bringing together 19 specialist organisations to support democracy.

    Our overarching objective as EPD is to contribute to setting a comprehensive and effective agenda for democracy support around the world. For the 2023-2026 period, we identified five priorities to this end. Within each of these five priority areas, we conduct research, work on public policies and implement projects. 

    • International policy

      International policy

      We advocate for strong pro-democracy policies and use evidence from our research and projects to improve the links between policy and practice.
    • New wesbite - 3 pillars(2)


      We explore democratic innovations worldwide and link them to democratic renewal through policy recommendations and participation initiatives.
    • Inclusion


      To ensure fair and effective decision-making processes, we contribute to amplifying the voices of young people, women, minorities and people with disabilities.
    • Institutions


      We work for resilient and accountable institutions that guarantee free and fair elections, oversight of decision-making and the decentralisation of national powers.
    • Media Freedom and Pluralism in Europe

      Information space

      We research and act to tackle the most pressing challenges in the information space, supporting media pluralism and the right to freedom of expression.
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      Open positions

      Working for democracy provides an opportunity to contribute towards shaping fair, just, and equitable societies around the world. Our network of organisations, located at the heart of Europe, is dedicated to making a positive impact on individuals’ and communities’ freedoms and human rights through our programmes, research, and advocacy activities.