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Democracy Reporting International 

Democracy Reporting International
Democracy Reporting International (DRI) is an independent, impartial, non-profit organisation dedicated to promoting democracy worldwide. DRI strengthens democracy by shaping the institutions that make it sustainable.
  • Democracy Reporting International, gGmbH Elbestraße 28/29, 12045 Berlin, Germany

DRI supports local ways of promoting democracy with impartial analysis and good practices, bringing international standards to life.

The belief that people are active participants in public life, not subjects of their governments, guides what we do. We work with local actors to protect and expand our shared democratic space in a polarised world, regardless of political opinions or personal beliefs.

What we do

Guided by the democracy and human rights standards enshrined in international law, we work to strengthen the essential components of democracy, ranging from equal rights and fundamental freedoms for all, over democratic elections to an independent judiciary and free media.

Our approach rests on reporting and capacity-building. Through our networks of country offices and partners, we are in a unique position to report on developments and to help make improvements on the ground with our local partners.

DRI is headquartered in Berlin and has country offices in Lebanon, Libya, Myanmar, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Tunisia and Ukraine.