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CFI – Agence Française de Développement Médias

As the French media development agency, the Canal France International – Agence française de développement médias (CFI) works mainly in the countries that the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs identifies as priority targets of their development programs.
  • 62 Rue Camille Desmoulins, 92130 Issy-les-Moulineaux, France

CFI is committed to developing media outlets in Africa, MENA region, EU Eastern Neighbourhood and South-East Asia. In these countries, CFI identifies and analyses what is required, and then works alongside media organisations and the professionals who run them, together with members of civil society.

As a structuring objective, CFI considers that improving the media landscape is closely linked with producing and disseminating balanced news in order to improve inclusive governance in a country. CFI’s teams have worked on 30 projects forming part of four major programs: Media & Pluralism, Media & Development, Media & Enterprise, and Media & Human Resources.

CFI’s priorities

CFI is active in more than 35 countries and supports local media in order to strengthen a country’s governance – recognising the prominent role played by civil society. In doing so, CFI identifies the most influential local media actors, provides expertise, supports projects, creates networks, and develops accountability between election periods.

CFI organised its activities around 4 major programmes:

The Media and pluralism programme tackles the issues of democratic governance by strengthening legislative frameworks, promoting diversity in the media landscape, clearly reporting political discourse and ethically producing high-quality, pluralistic news programmes.

The Media and development programme seeks to encourage third countries’ media organisations to play a larger role in development issues, by strengthening the bond of trust between journalists and civil society. The development of innovative productions helps people to understand and appreciate how they can contribute to these global movements.

The Media and enterprise programme focuses on the economic issues that have an impact on the activities of all companies, including those in the media industry. By overcoming the constraints of competition, optimising programme schedules and guaranteeing a long-term revenue stream, broadcasters are able to consolidate their business models and ensure financial independence alongside editorial independence.

The Media and human resources programme focuses on modernising the media industry by enhancing the training provided to both men and women. Such training initiatives seek not only to strengthen local organisations that provide the initial training but also to identify and support the young professionals that represent the modernisation of their country.

Open positions

Working for democracy provides an opportunity to contribute towards shaping fair, just, and equitable societies around the world. Our network of organisations, located at the heart of Europe, is dedicated to making a positive impact on individuals’ and communities’ freedoms and human rights through our programmes, research, and advocacy activities.