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We work to improve the evidence base for democracy support as a go-to source for research in Europe. Improving this evidence base is vital for progress in the impact of actual policies and programmes. In our work, we investigate some of the most pressing challenges to democracies worldwide.

The European Democracy Hub is our main research space. Our publications of the past few years have had a strong focus on democratic institutions and democratic innovations outside the West, with a view to stimulating democratic renewal in Europe.

The current state of European democracy support

The Future of European Electoral Support

A study assessing European support for elections around the world, with suggestions for how this needs to adapt to mounting challenges for democracy.

Democracy Support Annual Review 2023

EPD and Carnegie Europe’s research colleagues have teamed up to deliver an in-depth analysis of the key players for European democracy support in 2023.

European Democracy Support Data Tool

The first data tool focusing solely on democracy support from European donors. With this tool you can explore data on 12 distinct categories of democracy support.

How is democracy doing worldwide?

In Europe

Europe’s Democracy Blind Spots

As we gear up for a change in EU leadership in 2024, the debate is dominated by concerns regarding the rise of the far-right movements and who will take on European leadership positions. By focusing on 11 different topics, this report argues that this risks blinding us to deeper issues of democratic renewal that are critical for European prosperity and security.

In the world

Youth Political Participation

In a world where over 1.8 billion youth are stepping up to lead the charge towards a brighter future, the power and potential of young people in shaping the destiny of our democracies is undeniable. Acknowledging the immense potential for change, the Youth Democracy Cohort is excited to share a comprehensive examination of successful youth-led policy initiatives from the world.

Your one-stop-shop for democracy research

The European Democracy Hub acts as a hub for expertise on European democracy support, bringing together analysts and policymakers. The Hub serves as a resource to accompany the designing, implementation, monitoring, evaluation, and learning of EU and member state democracy support policies.

Other research on democracy support