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Policy EPD

EPD works closely with civil society partners, EU institutions, European governments and academia to promote policies inside and outside Europe that foster democratic societies and fundamental rights. This includes advocacy on foreign policy, digital policy, media freedom, online political advertising, the rule of law, citizen participation and inclusion in elections.

Networks for democracy

EPD engages in networks of democracy expertise to reinforce and increase the overall impact of research in the field of democracy, civic deliberation, participation and citizenship education.

Online political advertising: everything you need to know

Why is the European Commission proposing regulation on online political ads? What are the key issues at stake and who are the key-policy makers? We have launched a webpage so you can stay informed on this key democracy issue!

Media freedom and pluralism in Europe

Free and independent press is a cornerstone of democratic systems and holds those accountable to account. On this webpage, we provide you with all the elements you need to understand why legislation on media freedom is important in the EU, how the legislation process will unfold and what the different positions on the matter are.