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The Oslo Center

The Oslo Center
The Oslo Center is an independent non-profit organization working in the fields of democratization and democratic governance. They are passionate about democratic values that contribute to strong and stable societies. At The Oslo Center, we share the belief in an inclusive and representative democracy where people are at the centre, with the rights and capability to influence their own communities.
  • Apotekergata 10, 0180 Oslo, Norway

We promote and enhance democratic practices by strengthening political and government institutions and have three main areas of operation: inclusion, political representation, and democratic governance. Through collaborative partnerships, we contribute to the development of democratic systems that are more responsive to citizen needs, respecting their meaningful and inclusive participation, human rights, and dignity.

Developing democracies is a long-lasting and meaningful journey, and we are honoured to continuously support people working to make their own country more democratic.

Over the last 15 years, The Oslo Center has successfully implemented a variety of projects and become a forum for dialogue between peer democracy assistance organizations, policy decision-makers, and political thinkers.