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Elbarlament (“parliament” in Arabic) is a peacebuilding and democracy support organisation, with a special focus on empowering women and youth. It implements democracy support and peacebuilding projects in four thematic fields: Arts & Culture; Civic Education; Environment & Climate Change; Women, Peace and Security. It supports parliaments, governments, civil society actors and international institutions, implementing projects and delivering consulting services in German, English, French and Arabic.
  • Reuchlinstr. 10-11, 10553, Berlin

Elbarlament believes in the transformative power of culture and the arts as well as inclusive dialogue, especially in contexts of state fragility.

Through its work it aims to:

  • Promote peaceful coexistence between all groups in society
  • Foster democratic norms and practices
  • Support dialogue between civil society and political decision makers
  • Increase environmental awareness and contribute to mitigating climate change-related conflicts

Elbarlament follows a conflict-sensitive and gender transformative approach in supporting locally-owned reform agendas, combining arts-based tools for peacebuilding and civic education with more classical tools like technical assistance.