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EPD actively works towards improving democracy support policies and advising on foreign policies that can reinforce democracy in the face of global challenges. Through our head office in Brussels, we play a key role in contributing to improving democracy support policies, working closely with EU institutions, European governments, and building civil society coalitions together with our partners.

We engage in advocacy on the following areas:

  • Democracy Innovation & Inclusion
  • Safeguarding Democracy
  • European Policies for Democracy
  • Democratic Principles in the Digital Sphere

Online Political Ads

Why is the European Commission proposing regulation on online political ads? What are the key issues at stake and who are the key-policy makers?

We have launched a webpage so you can stay informed on this key democracy issue!

Media Freedom in the EU

Free and independent press is a cornerstone of democratic systems and holds those accountable to account. In turn, accurate and independent information allows citizens to actively scrutinise political actors, make informed political choices and exercise their right to receive reliable information, which has an important impact on the exercise of other fundamental rights.

On this webpage, we provide you with all the elements you need to understand why legislation on media freedom is important in the EU, how the legislation process will unfold and what the different positions on the matter are.

Media Freedom and Pluralism in the EU

Advocacy news

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