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AHEAD Africa

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This pan-African project focuses on multiple facets of the electoral cycle in the continent. It aims to empower civil society across Africa, including citizen observers, in strengthening electoral systems and processes, so as to contribute to higher levels of electoral integrity in African Union member states. 

The underlying methodology of the Action is the AHEAD approach – Action for a Holistic Electoral Approach for Democracy – which emphasises that follow-up to election observation recommendations can be a key driver for more inclusive electoral systems, building public trust and preventing conflicts. By focusing on ‘electoral follow-up’, civil society can effectively advocate for democratic accountability and play a significant role in fostering transparent and accountable electoral processes.

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Funded by the European Union

This will be done by:

  • strengthening the capacities of CSOs to collaborate in regional and continental networks on matters of democratic governance, particularly on election observation and follow-up;
  • reinforcing the capacity of domestic citizen observer groups to meaningfully observe electoral and democratic processes;
  • increasing the evidence base on the state of democratic governance and civic space in the African Union member states;
  • reinvigorating spaces for dialogue, coordination and collaboration on electoral observation and follow-up, between CSOs, citizen observers and other stakeholders;
  • launching, accelerating and upscaling civic initiatives on monitoring, observation, dialogue and/or advocacy, incorporating tested civic tech solutions as needed.