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The Action for a Holistic Electoral Approach for Democracy (AHEAD) is a new approach to electoral support that brings together the unique mix of skills and expertise present within the European Partnership for Democracy (EPD) drawn from across the European Union (EU) since research has shown that electoral support often remains disconnected from longer-term democracy support strategies and rooted in the notion of technical electoral processes.

AHEAD mobilises this wide range of expertise to provide electoral support in a holistic and innovative manner, starting from the democratic gaps identified by EU election missions, in order to address the contemporary challenges to electoral integrity and democracy. It serves as a basis for discussion with the EU and EU Member States with a view to jointly designing comprehensive and sustainable electoral support programmes, including through a Team Europe approach. AHEAD is informed by conclusions on the EU EOM implementation outlook drawn from a thorough analysis of the status of implementation of recommendations provided by EU Electoral Follow-up Missions (EFMs) and the extensive experience of EPD and its members in the provision of electoral support.

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