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Transnistria II

2017 – 2019

This project sought to provide capacity building to and build sustainable partnerships with civil society actors on both banks of the Nistru river. This was to be achieved through the establishment of cross river community level platforms of cooperation. More specifically the project sought to build cooperation mechanisms between civil society actors on both banks of the river to incentivize sharing good community development practices, social service delivery, consumer protection youth engagement, social entrepreneurship and respect for human rights. To improve the ability of CSOs on both banks to participate in local multi-actor partnerships. To establish partnerships and build confidence between Transnistrian CSOs and their counterparts from other Moldovan regions to jointly participate in national policy formulation through advocacy and coalition building. To contribute to the improvement of access to and quality of the community services offered by Transnistrian CSOs to remote areas through the use of participatory tools in the hope of stimulating informed demand and proper service delivery.


  • More than 217 CSOs and social partners were engaged in dialogue processes resulting in an increased level of trust and mutual recognition.
  • 9 mechanisms for inclusive and participatory dialogue processes were created resulting in 9 Participatory Policy Assessments.
  • Thanks to an increase in policy influence of CSOs and social partners more than 8 recommendations resulting from Roadmaps for Reform were incorporated into national policy, their implementation was monitored by more than 45 CSOs engaged in continuous monitoring.