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SUDEL | Supporting Democracy in Libya

May 2011 – 2013

Supporting reconciliation processes and democratic transition in Libya

This project sought to support reconciliation processes and democratic transition in Libya.This was to be achieved by trying to Implement an innovative approach combining dialogue and reconciliation, local elections and capacity development. Three main areas of focus were delineated: the strengthening of Libyan stakeholders’ involvement in the democratic transition, the provision of operational and technical support to local electoral cycles and the promotion of dialogue among political stakeholders as well as the increased engagement of citizens. EPD’s role mainly centred around dialogue activities, bridging the gap between the multiple initiatives encouraged by SUDEL.


  • The project successfully fostered local dialogue and this local success then fed into a National Dialogue initiative.
  • “Lessons learned” and “healing the Wounds” seminars and sessions were successfully implemented.
  • Training and study tours implemented by all partners contributed to linking the multitude of grassroots projects in an effort to promote local democracy and dialogue.