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REACH for Democracy


This project aimed at enhancing pluralism and inclusiveness of political party systems in EU partner countries. The objective was to achieve this through the facilitation of South-South cooperation and the creation of a multi- country & multilevel network of young multiparty advocates. This was to be done through increasing the inclusiveness of political systems in Georgia and Tunisia. A two pronged approach was developed. First, multiparty dialogues to address policy framework reform were to be established. Second, these spaces for dialogue were to put in contact young capacitated leaders from Benin, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova and Morocco to create a network better able to advocate for and replicate multiparty dialogue seeking to address issues of inclusion.


  • Multiparty dialogue platforms and hubs were set up in Georgia and Tunisia, including through the use of Democracy Schools, to address systemic challenges to inclusiveness in the political system as well as to facilitate South-South exchange.
  • Four Intensive Training Programmes in Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Morocco and Benin were organised by the Multiparty Democracy Hubs, contributing to the training of potential female politicians and Youth Leaders who, in turn, will seek to assess the viability of multiparty dialogue platforms in their respective countries.
  • Conditions were created for the launching of a Network of Multiparty Political Advocates for the promotion of multiparty dialogue; this effort contributed to the creation of safe spaces for multiparty dialogue in Moldova, Kyrgyzstan, Benin and Morocco.