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Press Freedom Alliance 2.0

Jan 2011 – Dec 2015

Supporting development and structural poverty reduction

This project sought to support the ongoing process of development and structural poverty reduction by working in partnership with the media and civil society organisations. In order to achieve this the consortium implemented the Press Freedom 2.0 programme in 11 countries. This involved between 70 and 80 local partners working in three areas: capacity strengthening of partner organisations, good governance and strengthening civil society. The consortium provided support in the form of sub-grants to local partner organisations (except in cases of capacity building or study visits).


  • In Egypt projects were implemented in the areas of capacity building support, assistance for advocacy and local governance involving four CSOs and a 2 year project in 5 directorates of Upper Egypt.
  • In Georgia support was provided to 3 local CSOs, through capacity strengthening activities focused on project management, outreach and communication as well as organisational strategy. Events and conferences were organised in Brussels, The Hague, Tbilisi and various regions of Georgia.
  • In Zimbabwe support was provided for election monitoring, security training and capacity building in project management and evaluation, financial reporting and proposal writing; furthermore, conferences were organised in Brussels and The Hague and a project for awareness raising on the new constitution was funded.