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2017 – 2019
  • European Partnership for Democracy
  • Coalition des Femmes

Participation des femmes pour l’avancement et l’innovation de la Tunisie

This project sought to improve the rate of women’s participation in local governance in Tunisia. This was to be achieved by strengthening the participation of women and women’s groups in decision making in 6 regions as well as through increased consideration for the gender dimension by local authorities. Furthermore, a shared vision of the place of women in public, local and regional life was to be created. For more information click here.


  • 6 thematic trainings were conducted to help increase the participation of women in public life alongside the provision of gender sensitisation training to 90 representatives of women’s groups and local authorities.
  • The knowledge available to women on Tunisian needs was improved as well as their capacity for political communication.
  • Through the creation of a political scene less hostile to women local authorities implemented place policies responding to women’s needs following the establishment of a dialogue and inclusive decision making process.