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Media Dialogue (Kyrgyzstan)


This project aimed to solidify the national media environment and to engage media representatives, public decision makers and civil society in a dialogue about the challenges affecting the media sector. This dialogue was to be led in the hope of jointly developing a roadmap to amend the existing media policy and legal framework. To achieve this three pathways were privileged: multi-stakeholder dialogue, enhanced media professionalisation and reinforcement of the media’s economic independence. To this effect workshops, dialogue meetings and technical assistance were set up and studies, reports, monitoring of media were conducted. Furthermore sub-grants and legal reforms were put on the table.

Media Dialogue (Kyrgyzstan)


  • Key media stakeholders and actors developed a common understanding of challenges affecting the media sector and took steps to ensure their legal, physical and digital security, improving their journalistic coverage of elections and ensuring their economic independence.
  • Relevant authorities, political and media actors engaged collectively to reform the media policy and legal landscape and initiate the implementation of reforms on, among other things, social media; the stakeholders also developed their ability to mitigate conflict, agreeing to a code of conduct and self regulatory ethics framework regarding elections.
  • Pilot initiatives supported media content producers and civic tech to prompt good governance and target at-risk populations, the results of the comprehensive media education and accompanying surveys were made publicly available.