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Media Dialogue (Kyrgyzstan)

Dec 2019 – Nov 2021
  • Donor: European Union
  • Topic: Information Space, Institutions
  • Coordinator: European Partnership for Democracy
  • Approach: INSPIRED

The Media Dialogue project aimed to strengthen the national media environment and engage media representatives alongside public decision-makers and civil society in a dialogue about the challenges affecting the media sector and facilitate a joint agenda for reforming the existing media policy and legal framework. Promoting policy change through multi-stakeholder dialogue, enhancing media professionalisation and strengthening the media’s economic independence are the three main components of the project. Activities include training workshops, study tours, multi-stakeholder dialogue meetings, studies and reports, technical assistance, sub-grants and monitoring of media legal reforms. See the project summary and project website for more information.


  • Key media stakeholders and actors developed a common understanding of the challenges affecting the media sector and identified priority reform objectives;
  • Relevant authorities, political and media actors engaged collectively on reforming the existing media policy and legal framework and initiate implementation of reforms, including on social media;
  • State authorities, media actors and stakeholders, including the Central Electoral Commission, developed their capacity to mitigate conflicts and agree to a code of conduct for the elections by developing self-regulation frameworks that contain professional and ethical standards relating to their coverage of election campaigns;
  • Media actors developed their capacities to ensure their own legal, physical and digital security and to provide professional and responsible journalistic coverage throughout the electoral cycle;
  • The results of comprehensive media education and surveys are available to consolidate the professional profile and independence of media actors in the post-electoral period;
  • Pilot initiatives supported media content producers and civic tech to promote good governance and target populations at risk;
  • Media actors explored and developed business models improving their economic independence.


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