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Med Dialogue for Rights and Equality

Jan 2019 – Jul 2022
  • European Partnership for Democracy

This project sought to strengthen the ability of CSOs acting on a regional level to participate in sustainable development, build regional cohesion and resilience as well as influence policy making in the Southern Neighborhood and the Euro-Mediterranean Space. This aimed to address the absence of civil society as an for regional change in the southern Neighborhood. This was to take place in a new regional perspective with enhanced south-south and south-north exchanges. The project also aimed to address the shrinking civil society spaces in the region, strengthening civil society and young activists by enhancing their ability to strategize, cooperate and advocate for rights, social cohesion and sustainable development. For more information click here.

Med Dialogue for Rights and Equality


  • Local regional organisations were effectively engaged with and supported through the creation of regional thematic networks and capacity building resulting in an advancement of their agendas and the creation of a regional hub on structured dialogue on civil society engagement in policy dialogue.
  • Participation of youth in politics through the expansion of programmes for young civil society leaders was increased.
  • In collaboration with EU delegations local CSO contributions to resilience and regional stability was enhanced by assisting in their dialogue with local authorities.