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2016 – 2019

Location: Armenia, Bolivia, Cape Verde, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, Pakistan, Paraguay, Philippines

This project aimed at supporting local actors in nine countries in identifying, analysing and monitoring domestic policies liable to hinder the implementation of the UN and ILO conventions relevant to the EU’s Generalised Scheme of Preferences Plus (GSP+). The nine INSPIRED+ locally led policy dialogues contributed to the nurturing of trust between stakeholders as well as to increased capacities of CSOs and social partners in monitoring and advocacy. This ultimately led to the adoption of locally owned roadmaps towards the full implementation of the relevant UN and ILO conventions.

9 policy dialogues

Topic: Gender equality in the labour market
Dialogue host: OxYGen

Topic: Socio-economic rights of women
Dialogue host: UNITAS

Topic: Regulatory framework for domestic workers
Dialogue host: ACLCVBG

Topic: Mediation and labour dispute resolution
Dialogue host: Aurat Foundation

Topic: Economic rights of people with disabilities
Dialogue host: CPI

Topic: Economic rights of people with disabilities
Dialogue host: Tegsh Niigem

Topic: Labour rights of women working in agriculture in Punjab province
Hosting Structure: Aurat Foundation

Topic: Violence against women
Hosting Structure: DECIDAMOS

Topic: Land rights
Hosting Structure: ANGOC


  • 9 Mechanisms for inclusive and participatory dialogue were created and supported, they allowed some 217 CSOs to engage with relevant stakeholders to increase their policy influence and produce Roadmaps for Reform.
  • 9 Participatory Policy Assessments were created following the dialogues thanks to the work of more than 45 CSOs who were continuously engaged in policy monitoring of the Roadmaps for Reform.
  • More than 8 recommendations resulting from the Roadmaps for Reform have been incorporated into national policy.