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2015 – 2019

This project sought to offer a sustainable and constructive solution for enhancing the role of civil society in public and policy affairs in cooperation with local authorities. Following the parliamentary elections in 2010, civil society had gained increased operating space as well as an opportunity to participate in political developments in Myanmar. However these CSOs lacked the strategic focus and capacity to formulate and execute their visions, in part as a consequence of pre-set donor narratives for country based funding. INSPIRED Myanmar sought to help provide an alternative. 


  • The organisational and technical capacities of 30 local civil society organisations were reinforced in the areas of governance, accountability, financial management and advocacy to enhance their role as policy and advocacy actors.
  • The ability of local CSOs to participate in policy dialogue and governance processes was enhanced.
  • The relationship between civil society, media, regional parliaments and local authorities was reinforced to increase mutual understanding and communication.