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Information and Integrity (Morocco)

Mar 2021 – Feb 2023

This project aimed at strengthening the role of civil society in promoting transparency in Morocco. By providing digital tools and creating spaces for dialogue, this project supported civil society organisations in advocating, monitoring and evaluating transparency and anti-corruption policies in cooperation with public authorities and independent institutions. In addition, it sought to raise awareness among citizens of the benefits they can gain from more effective implementation of transparency policies. The main activities included monitoring and evaluating public policy, creating civic tech solutions, facilitating dialogue and cooperation, and awareness-raising. For more information, visit the project website.


  • A manual titled “Guide for Members of Parliament on the Role of Parliament in Combating Corruption” was developed to assist lawmakers and staff in understanding how Parliament can enhance transparency and fight corruption.

  • Public policy dialogues were facilitated where representatives of parliament and civil society organisations (CSOs) exchanged on best practices regarding the role of parliaments in enhancing transparency and combating corruption, resulting in a compilation of recommendations sent to the Moroccan Parliament

  • Civil society organisations’ capacities were boosted through training sessions in post-legislative scrutiny principles and drafting policy papers.