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EU Support to Jordanian Democratic Institutions and Development

This project sought to support Jordan’s consolidation of deep democracy and promote inclusiveness of national policy and decision making processes in an attempt to further engage women and youth so as to forester a stronger, more democratic and tolerant political culture. It was based on the European Response to Electoral Cycle Support Strategy designed by the EPD consortium and led by the European Center for Electoral Support. It sought to comply with EU priorities and methodology for democracy and electoral support. For more information see the EU-JDID Factsheet.


  • Through parliamentary support the secretariat and HR of the house of representatives were enhanced,  furthermore the capacities of the house regarding legislation, budget oversight and committee and research work were enhanced.
  • The capacities of the Independent Electoral Commission were reinforced via a strengthening of their institutional and HR resources, increased technical and operational capacities and a new outreach strategy with stakeholders including thanks to an increased quality of media coverage.
  • The inclusiveness of the political system was increased facilitating the participation of youth, women and the capacity of political parties to produce programmes and policy positions was strengthened along with the ability of political and civic actors to engage in dialogue; furthermore the capacities of the ministry of political and parliamentary affairs were strengthened.