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Our approach ‘SPACE’ responds to the European Parliament’s resolution of 3 October 2017 on addressing shrinking civil society space in developing countries, which calls on the EU to “acknowledge the need to provide guidance to governments, political parties, parliaments and administrations in beneficiary countries on developing strategies for establishing the appropriate legal, administrative and political environment to enable the efficient work of CSOs”.

SPACE addresses the three overarching objectives contained in the EU Country Roadmaps for Engagement with Civil Society (Civil Society Roadmaps), which form the common framework for EU and EU member states action in support of civil society in non-EU countries: 1) contributing to a conducive environment for civil society, 2) supporting civil society participation in policy making, and 3) building capacities of individual CSOs. To do so effectively, SPACE identifies and addresses, in a single integrated framework, the incentive structures and capacity gaps of democratic institutions that prevent them from playing a more positive role with regards to civil society space.

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