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The Community is growing: DD Foundation joins the European Partnership for Democracy

In June 2023, the Domus Dorpatensis Foundation for Science and Liberal Arts (DD Foundation) joined the EPD network becoming our 19th member. The DD Foundation is based in Tartu, Estonia and they have been proactively working to build institutions enabling  democracy since 2002.  Their three main centers of activities are  their DD Academy program for students, the DD StratLab consultancy service for organisations and the institutional development work within the DD Center for Developing Democracy.

“We firmly believe that in order to develop democracy anywhere, it’s necessary to understand how it’s developing everywhere else. That’s why we’re happy to now be a part of this family of organisations partaking in a collective effort of imagining and developing better democracies.”

Martin A. Noorkõiv, CEO and Chairman of the DD Foundation

Author: Karl Erik Piirimees

The DD Academy spreads their learning programmes around the world and trains talented young people on the systematic approach to societal development, by giving them the tools to understand democratic societies’ challenges and find good solutions to solving them.

Through their DD StratLab, they put into practice what they teach within the Academy and offer strategic consultancy to organisations to better link their goals and strategies to implementation, as well as training on leadership.

And finally, their DD Center for Developing Democracy has been founded to ensure that democratic institutions continue to adapt to changes in our environment and that democracy continues to be the best solution in light of all the new and complex global challenges. Through this center, they support scientists working on the link between societal changes and democratic institutions by facilitating discussions and implementing projects that innovate democratic institutions.

EPD proudly welcomes DD Foundation on board!