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EPD and its members call for peace and democracy

We are at a critical juncture for the future of the European Union and democracy globally. The Russian war of aggression shows that authoritarian rule is a global security problem for states, businesses and people everywhere. Democracy support needs to be a European strategic priority.

To this end, EPD and its members have just released a statement calling on EU institutions and European governments to respond to the crisis with a democracy-focused approach in the short term while developing a far more strategic approach to supporting democracy globally in the long term. To this end, we have two sets of actionable recommendations.

Below you can find out about the tireless efforts of our members to advance democracy, peace and well-being in Ukraine and for Ukrainians.

European Partnership for Democracy

  • Co-drafted and co-signed a joint letter to President Von der Leyen, demanding the European Commission and Council to not compromise on the rule of law and human rights when it comes to releasing recovery funding to Poland and Hungary.
  • Published a statement condemning the illegal invasion of Ukraine and supporting its people. 
  • Has been amplifying the voice of and collaborating closely with member organisations and other civil society organisations working on Ukraine
  • Was one of the signatories of the #GlobalDemocracyCoalition statement in support of Ukraine and its people.
  • Completed a project in 2015 about the elections in Ukraine where we  provided a proper legislative base for elections campaigns at different levels
  • Completed a project in 2013 in partnership with Civil Network OPORA to enhance civic engagement with reforms in Ukraine, where we conducted a series of focus groups with the Kyiv Institute of Sociology and therefore produced a number of reports.

Article 19

CFI media development

  • Hosted a number of training sessions for Ukrainian journalists on justice journalism.
  • is currently running a MediaFit Programme for Information Integrity in southern and eastern Ukraine, in order to enhance the information integrity in Ukraine and the resilience of Ukraine’s media against hybrid threats, including the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic.

DEMO Finland

  • was one of the signatories of the #GlobalDemocracyCoalition statement in support of Ukraine and its people.
  • has facilitated the drafting of a joint statement signed by the youth and student organisations of all Finnish parliamentary parties that calls for support for civil society in Ukraine, Russia and Belarus

Democracy Reporting International


  • Released Statement of solidarity 
  • Provides a list of initiatives on how to support Ukraine and its people
  • is promoting a declaration to call all European Mayors to join forces and end the war in Europe. The declaration was published after an online conference convened by the Mayor of Gdansk and gathered more than 100 mayors along with major city networks. We are working to get more than 1000 municipalities to support the declaration
  • Is part of the CoR’s working group on Ukraine that aims to provide targeted political and technical support to Ukrainian partners to help them achieve good governance at all levels, reinforce local democracy, and advance decentralisation reform.​​
  • Run a project that included training on local good governance and environmental protection at all levels in Ukraine
  • Has 6 local democracy agencies in Ukraine that aim at creating sound local democracy and promoting citizen participation at the community level.
  • Implemented project on challenges of the work in cultural heritage 

European Exchange

  • Runs a project “Kyiv dialogue” that aims to strengthen democratic reform, educate citizens of Ukraine about EU principles and values, inform people in Germany about the happenings in Ukraine and develop a network committed to maintaining and enhancing the German-Ukrainian dialogue. This is implemented through seminars,  expert meetings, study trips and annual conferences. Since the start of the conflict, Kyiv dialogue has been working on the reception of Ukrainian refugees and advocating for the protection of anti-war activists

Netherlands Helsinki Committee

Netherlands Institute for Multiparty Democracy (NIMD)

  • Ran regular South Caucasus Youth Fora, which brought together young political leaders from different parties in Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Ukraine. During the programme the participants worked together on joint projects, and also learned skills for working together in a multiparty democracy. It organised a forum of young politicians of the South Caucasus and Ukraine to discuss achievements and challenges faced in the democratic processes underway in the region.
  • is partner in the Eastern European neighbourhood, EECMD
  • Launched Democracy Schools in Ukraine in 2017 in Lviv and Odessa that have continued until today..
  • Published articles from activists advocating for better change in Ukraine
  • Released a joint Solidarity statement

The Oslo Center

  • Completed a project where it provided the political parties with experiences related to coalition and consensus-building from a Norwegian perspective. It also assisted leading MPs from the ruling coalition with information and consultation on cooperation and good decision-making mechanisms with a government coalition. A study visit to Oslo was arranged in January 2016 with 7 members of the Ukrainian parliament belonging to the ruling government coalition. The aim of the visit was for the MPs to get information from Norwegian political parties, members of parliament and leaders from the government on the operation of coalitions.
  • Signed #GlobalDemocracyCoalition statement in support of Ukraine

People In Need

  • In the last two weeks, PIN has been bringing aid and raising money to support those affected by the invasion of Ukraine 
  • Has been running projects in Ukraine since 2003 that aim at strengthening the capacities and effectiveness of local civil initiatives in monitoring the work of local government in terms of their compatibility with human rights in order to ensure good governance and facilitate democratic reforms in Ukraine
  • Signed a statement calling for the suspension of Russia’s membership in the UN human rights council. 
  • Launched a humanitarian train with partners between Prague and various cities in Ukraine
  • Helped the renovation of a room at the local art school and purchased wood-carving equipment for the children to use.
  • Published a report that examines the current state of the Eastern European countries’ relations including Europe with the EU and provides sets of recommended priorities for the way forward.

Westminster Foundation for Democracy (WFD)

  • Published a Statement on the illegal invasion of Ukraine.
  • Completed 3 programmes in Ukraine: Inclusive and accountable politics, Inclusive and accountable politics and Inclusive and accountable politics
  • Published an Article on Russia’s restriction of digital rights during its invasion of Ukraine.
  • In partnership with GIZ Ukraine, WFD helped establish a Financial and Economic Analysis Office (FEAO) in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine (parliament) in 2015, in order to provide the parliament with accessible economic and financial information and help it monitor public spending.
  • Published a policy brief showing case studies from Ukraine to examine the links between anti-corruption and women’s political participation
  • is currently working to ensure governance in Ukraine is inclusive of all groups through its Inclusive and Accountable Politics programme, as well as supporting the Verkhovna Rada (parliament) to ensure effective legislation.

Danish Institute for Parties and Democracy (DIPD)

  • Signed a joint statement to express its solidarity with Ukraine and its people
  • Hosted an event on 10 March to present a Democracy Report from  Varieties of Democracy, on the state of democracy in the context of the invasion of Ukraine. 

Election Watch

  • Signed a Joint statement in support of Ukraine and its people 

Universidade Catolica Portuguesa

  • Hosted a dialogue on the Ukraine-Russia war as a part of its ongoing series ‘Conversations about Europe’
  • Hosted the annual summit of democracies to which different delegations from various countries attended including Ukraine. 
  • Organised a number of international meetings in political studies to discuss challenges and prospects of democracies around the world. 

Club de Madrid

  • Opposed the military as a solution and instead, it offered its individual experiences and knowledge to demand a resolute reversal from the current ominous developments and actively pursue the most basic principles and values of democracy starting with respect for life, human rights, fundamental freedoms and peace.
  • Participated in an event discussing the weaponisation of information in times of war to provide ideas on how the international community should combat disinformation. 
  • Members of club de Madrid released a statement in 2014  condemning the Russian occupation of Crimea and supporting the Ukrainians on their journey to democracy.
  • Signed the joint statement of Freedom House to express solidarity with Ukraine and its people and to call on Russia to immediately withdraw its military forces from Ukraine, to de-escalate and choose dialogue and diplomacy to end this unnecessary and irrational bloodshed. 
  • Published an article supporting China’s position in facilitating the dialogue between Russia and Ukraine. 
  • Strongly condemns the full-scale military invasion of Ukraine
  • Its president proposed five points to address the crisis through diplomatic processes.
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