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elbarlament is an independent, non-partisan and impartial organisation founded on the premise that parliaments, assemblies, governments, administrations and civil society in transition require a specific and innovative quality of technical assistance and advisory practice, taking into consideration political analysis, research and evaluation of assistance practices. elbarlament supports partners and beneficiaries in developing their potential to contribute to good governance, the rule of law and the prosperity of the people they serve as well as represent through open and effective administrative, operational and decision-making processes and structures.

Today, institutions and organisations need to identify fresh approaches, create new frameworks, and adapt their decision-making procedures. The challenges that arise in transformation settings are political, administrative as well as technical. They demand dealing with a variety of issues such as institutional efficiency and enhancement of participation in various sectors, such as public, private, and civil society. In changing circumstances, stakeholders have yet to develop a shared understanding of their common values. Our activities aim to assist the management of these intertwined political dynamics, administrative reforms and procedural adaptations.

What we do

elbarlament has trained cabinets, parliamentary staff and legal experts on the technical aspects of improving their work flow and procedures. We offer peer-to-peer coaching for leaders and election candidates – in particular women and youth – and facilitate exchange between administrative staff working in politics and advocacy. We provide support to inclusive consensus-building and constitutional reform processes, technical assistance and knowledge transfer for sectoral policies, organisational development, out-reach and stakeholder analysis. In addition, we provide capacity-building and training concerning questions such as the development of rules of procedure and political management structures in a parliamentary, governmental or organisational context.

Our approach

elbarlament provides knowledge and tools to enhance the capacities and effectiveness of parliaments, governments and civil society. Our work includes capacity-building; organisational development; and leadership training. The aim is to improve the quality and processes of legislation and to provide advice for the development of constitutional, regulatory and statutory frameworks of institutions and organisations. We form bridges between experts and representatives from all over the world with those working in and for institutions and organisations that are undergoing societal and political change. As signified by our name, we work on the development of parliamentary–driven and participatory processes supporting strong, open and effective legislatures.

Who we are

elbarlament was founded in 2013 by a group of experts on the premise that parliaments, assemblies, governments, administrations and civil societies in transition require specific, innovative, and high quality technical assistance and advisory practice. We mobilise expertise from a wide range of partnerships and a multi-national pool of experts covering various fields – including democratisation, rule of law, public administration reform, and sectoral policies such as budgets and planning, security sector oversight, human rights, youth and women’s participation. Based on our sound understanding of the political dynamics in transformation processes, we develop tailor-made and innovative approaches and projects.

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