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367 Avenue Louise
1050 Brussels

+32 2 642 00 00

EDGE (Experts in Democracy, Governance and Elections) is a public foundation registered in Belgium that provides expertise, fellowship and assistance to people and institutions working to enhance democracy through supporting democratic institutions and processes, especially through promoting a sustainable and transparent use of technology applications in electoral activities. EDGE strives to serve and promote democratic accountability by working on capacity development, research, development, and by bringing citizens up to speed with new technology applications that have an immediate impact on democratic choices.

Founded in 2013, EDGE focused its first years of work on pro-bono capacity development and technology improvements in democracy support initiatives. This was achieved through formulating new eLearning solutions for specific democracy-building purposes and customized technology applications for universities and international organizations.

Unlike other organisations operating in democracy assistance, EDGE does not just provide the right expertise, but produces and customises the tools that best fit the project, or the initiative, or the service, that the Foundation is called to support. In providing international electoral support services, the Foundation has earned recognition for undertaking unique, challenging projects, fostering innovation, embracing emerging technologies, and making a difference in the democracy support world.

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