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Siltasaarenkatu 4
00530 Helsinki

Political Parties of Finland for Democracy – Demo Finland is a co-operative organisation of all nine Finnish parliamentary parties. It seeks to enhance democracy by facilitating collaborative projects between Finnish political parties and political movements in new and developing democracies. Demo Finland is a leading expert organisation on democracy support in Finland.

Demo Finland is an organisation by parties for parties and works to strengthen equality in participation, constructive cross-party cooperation, a pluralistic political discussion and the ability of politicians to peacefully impact socio-political development.

Demo Finland organises training programs and dialogue initiatives, which help to promote understanding between opposing parties and a discrimination-free political culture. It bases its operation always in the particular needs of its partners.

Demo Finland pays special attention to empowerment and participation of women, youth and other often politically marginalised groups.

Currently there are Demo Finland activities in Myanmar, Tunisia, Sri Lanka and Zambia. Previously, Demo Finland has worked in Nepal, Tanzania, Ghana, Egypt, Libya and Morocco.

The work of Demo Finland is based on the Finnish government’s resolution from 2004, according to which “Respect for human rights, promotion of gender and social equality, democracy, good governance and sound economic management are essential cornerstones of development”.

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