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6 August 2020

Protests in Turkey, as women have organised mass demonstrations against gender-based violence and demand the country to not withdraw from the Istanbul Convention.

Irfaan Ali, the opposition candidate, has been sworn in as Guyana’s new president, following allegations of vote tampering, a vote recount and a lengthy legal battle.

Côte d’Ivoire is preparing for the presidential elections, as the Electoral Commission has been speeding voter registration with the number of eligible voters rising to 7.5 million.

In Malaysia, Al Jazeera has come face to face with the government’s crackdown on press freedoms, as police raided the news network’s office in Kuala Lumpur.

Ashley Quarcoo writes in an article for Carnegie Europe if elections taking place during a pandemic can be considered credible, arguing that holding or delaying elections presents a big risk for the legitimacy of democratic institutions.

Karin Pettersson argues in an article for the IPSJ that the struggles around gender and race are fundamentally about inclusion on an equal footing in the political community and explores what this means for democracies today.

Rt Hon Alistair Burt and Greg Powe write on the challenges of political transition in Sudanand the importance of the first two years of a new parliament in determining the future of a country’s politics.

Today in Focus
Inside Lebanon’s economic crisis

This episode from The Guardian’s Today in Focus features Rachel Humphreys and Guardian Middle East correspondent Martin Chulov, discussing the ins and outs of the economic and political crisis happening in Lebanon.

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