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EPD sends out a weekly democracy news update, Beyond Ballots. The updates cover democracy in the news as well as academic and policy-relevant articles on democracy assistance and development. Here you can find our latest edition and archives. You can subscribe by typing your email address into the box on the right hand side of this page.

16 May

Venezuelan members of parliament have been accused of treason and conspiracy over their support for Juan Guaidó, days after the military closed off the National Assembly and issued similar accusations against other lawmakers.

Liberian politicians have called for a demonstration in June so as to present their demands to President George Weah, sparking fears of violent escalation among the international community.

Thailand’s anti-junta parties are pushing for political change after the appointment of pro-military senators by the ruling junta a month after the elections.

John Harris studies how online political campaigning in India’s election not only enabled voters but has also paved the way for the spread of lies, fakes, and hate speech by political activists.

The Center for International Media Assistance studies how social media taxes in Ugandahave impacted the circulation and production of independent news and the ability of journalists to report on news in the country.

Sergio Grassi analyses why Indonesia’s elections have been labeled as the ‘world’s most complex polls‘ and assesses the role of identity politics, religion and populism in the electoral campaign.





Al Jazeera Inside Story: Is a smooth transition possible in Sudan?

Imran Kahn discusses Sudan’s transition deal and the recent cases of reported violence against demonstrators who have been protesting for weeks demanding the ruling military to hand over power to a transitional council.







To feel politically represented: what does it mean, what does it take? The democratic challenge of social inequalities facing political participation.

On 21 May, the Institute of European Studies organises a seminar to discuss political representation and the feeling of unfairness in political representation, reviewing how methods and projects can help to tackle this issue. 

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