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23 May

survey carried out by the European Council on Foreign Relations, brings forward current fears and worries present in European voters, such as the possible collapse of the EU and probability of war between member states

While Europe’s Greens are set to make major wins in the 2019 European elections, their mainstream counterparts, EPP and S&D which have historically been the largest fractions, will most likely face some serious loses.

Nicolas Hatton, the co-founder of the3million, has accused British local authorities of mishandling and therefore hindering the application process for EU citizens living in the UK to vote in the European elections.

In a new comprehensive book, the Centre for European Policy Studies investigates representative democracy in the EU and its member states, analysing the ‘Europeanisation” of representative democracy at the national level and its effects on voting and decision-making behavior.

A Washington Post article warns Europeans that ‘coordinated, transnational far-right information operations’, rather than Russian meddling should be the main source of concern for the European elections.

The European Parliament’s 2019 annual report on the developments in the political landscape provides the latest seat projections of the European Elections as well as national results projections.

 What Might the European Elections Mean for the Future of the EU?

A podcast by the London School of Economics discusses the impact of the upcoming European elections on the EU as a negotiating actor of Brexit and the future relationship with the UK.








The New European Parliament: Post-Election Analysis

A debate organised by the Heinrich Boll Foundation will analyse the European election results and individual voter behavior. Other points of discussion will include the new European Parliament’s composition, the implications for coalition-building, the interaction between the EU institutions and the future of the European project in the face of a growing Eurosceptic fraction.

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