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13 February 2020

President Duterte has asked the Supreme Court of the Philippines to shut down the Philippines’s largest television network, ABS-CBN, in yet another crackdown on fundamental freedoms 

The Nigerian Electoral Commission has deregistered 75 political parties for failing to meet the exceedingly high requirements for recognition as a political party, leaving only 18 out of originally 93 parties authorised to operate.

In the most significant constitutional crisis in El Salvador in decades, the military occupied the legislative chamber last Sunday to oversee the emergency session that President Bukele had called – many say unconstitutionally – to approve a loan for the military. 

This Foreign Affairs piece by Thomas Carothers shows that the world is facing a crisis of governance that is shaking the foundations of democracies and autocracies alike, arguing democracies are better equipped to respond to calls for accountability and justice.

Jill Lepore draws parallels between the crisis of democracy in the 1930s and today’s crisis, and unveils some of the innovative ways democracy was defended and revived in the 1930s, in his insightful New Yorker piece entitled the last time democracy almost died.” 

In The Conversation, Richard Calland sheds light on the intricate linkages between right-wing populism and climate change denialism, arguing right-wing populism is the greatest challenge to ambitious climate action.

Competitive Authoritarianism: A Conversation with Steven Levitsky and Lucan Way

The National Endowment for Democracy (NED) invites prominent democracy scholars Steven Levitsky and Lucan Way for a conversation about competitive authoritarianism in this mini-lecture on YouTube. 

What is our political nature? Knowledge and reason in political decision-making.
20 February 2020, European Parliament, Brussels

How do we put knowledge and reason at the heart of political decision-making? This event will present a recent report on ‘Our political nature’ by the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre (JRC), which offers new insights into our political behaviour, with the potential to address some of the current crises in our democracies. Please register here.

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