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SEEEDS | Supporting Engagement in European Elections and Democratic Societies

On going
Oct 2022 – Sep 2024
  • Donor: European Union
  • Topic: Institutions
  • Coordinator: European Partnership for Democracy

Strengthening the integrity of the 2024 European Parliament elections

This project seeks to strengthen the integrity of the 2024 European Parliament elections through a non-partisan transnational network that brings together civil society and electoral experts from all EU Member States and facilitates exchanges with decision-makers at the European level.  We want to improve the capacity of civil society, strengthen understanding of European Parliament elections and ultimately promote broad voter participation. With our non-partisan, participatory approach, we bridge the gap between citizens from across the EU on legislation and selected electoral issues, focusing on underrepresented groups, including women, youth and mobile citizens. In this way, SEEEDS will help to strengthen and expand a transnational network of active citizens working for inclusive and engaged elections based on human rights and the rule of law. For more information, visit the project website.

Open positions

Working for democracy provides an opportunity to contribute towards shaping fair, just, and equitable societies around the world. Our network of organisations, located at the heart of Europe, is dedicated to making a positive impact on individuals’ and communities’ freedoms and human rights through our programmes, research, and advocacy activities.