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Implementing the European Democracy Action Plan (EDAP)

On going
Aug 2021 – Aug 2023
  • Donor: Civitates
  • Topic: Information Space
  • Coordinator: European Partnership for Democracy

Supporting the EDAP implementation for democracy-centric progress on digital policy

Building on the Virtual Insanity project focused on online political advertisement transparency, this new civitates-funded project will support the implementation of the European Democracy Action Plan (EDAP). With its list of commitments on online political advertising, disinformation, platform governance, online hate speech, and the Conference on the Future of Europe, the EDAP provides a number of opportunities for democracy-centric progress on digital policy. We will advance this through capacity building for non-specialised civil society, participatory policy analysis with CSOs in EU Member States, policy research and targeted advocacy on these policy issues. We will do so in close cooperation with our member Democracy Reporting International. For more information, visit the project website.

Open positions

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