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Enhancing Civic Oversight of Reforms in Ukraine in the Framework of European Neighbourhood Policy

Apr 2011 – Dec 2013
  • European Partnership for Democracy

Enhancing awareness on government’s obligations on democratic governance and human rights

The objective of the project was to enhance Ukrainian citizens’ awareness about the Ukrainian government’s obligations regarding the implementation of the reforms in the areas of democratic governance and Human Rights stemming from the EU-Ukraine Association Agenda, in particular with a view to the Parliamentary elections celebrated in Ukraine in October 2012.


  • A comprehensive mapping of the monitoring activities of the Association Agenda identifying the gaps and existing methodologies to learn from past experiences and identify future monitoring opportunities.
  • A methodology was developed for monitoring of government commitments and obligations in the context of the European Neighborhood Policy in the area of democracy, rule of law and human rights; this methodology was made public.
  • Awareness of the government’s progress in fulfilling its obligations and commitments was increased, furthermore, bridges were built between CSOs, the wider public and the government to collaborate on their obligations in the field of democracy, rule of law and human rights.