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Basket Funds in Moldova

2010 – 2014
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Supporting local civic actors and CSOs in Moldova

This project’s objective was to provide a comprehensive support platform for local civic actors and civil society organisations in Moldova. The platform was structured around two main components:

  • A platform for knowledge dissemination and exchange of international best practice in the development of the civil society sector, including the development of key core organisational capacities and thematic exchanges in areas such as service delivery, environmental protection or civil and political liberties;
  • A multi-donor fund supporting projects bringing together Moldovan and International actors and structured around the implementation of international best practices and international standards in the above mentioned areas.


  • International best practice in the policy areas covered by the project were identified and mobilised.
  • Methodology for the exchange of good practice and international standards was developed.
  • Further methodological developments were achieved through the coordination of multi-donor fund.