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Building bridges between NGOs, business associations and media from Moldova, Ukraine and Russia for conflict prevention in Transnistria

This project started on November 1st, 2012 and aimed to boost the capacity of civil society organisations, the business community and the media to meaningfully participate in conflict prevention processes in Transnistria. The project brought together stakeholders from Moldova (including the Transnistrian region), Ukraine and Russia, and will use a grassroots (low politics) approach to enhance cooperation between them. More specifically, the project aimed to identify the role of civil society actors in settling the Transnistrian conflict,;building cooperation mechanisms between civil society actors that resulted in transfer good practices in promoting human rights and democracy in regions with frozen conflicts; contributing to sustainable and democratic development in the region by creating links between business communities in Moldova (and Transnistria), Ukraine and Russia; promoting the principles of free and independent press and the right to free expression through creation of a regional electronic media portal.



Project Lead

Eastern Europe Foundation (EEF – Moldova)

Project Lead

EPD, EEF & the New Eurasia Foundation (NEF) from Russia

Target groups

Local civil society actors from all 4 regions (Moldova, Transnistria, Ukraine and Russia), domestic business organizations, journalists and media representatives, and finally local public authorities in Transnistria and bordering regions.

Expected results

  • Civil society’s capacity has been built in Transnistria, in order to address pressing social and community needs through partnerships with Moldovan, Russian and Ukrainian NGOs;
  • Local actors from both banks of the river have the capacity to implement and monitor development priorities, to deliver services and upgrade the basic infrastructures in Transnistria and the security zone. Cross-river partnerships have been established in the environment sector;
  • Economic exchanges have increased between the two sides of the Dniestr River. Local entrepreneurship in Transnistria has been promoted in partnership with Moldovan counterparts;
  • The quality and objectiveness of media reporting on Transnistrian issue increased and the visibility of joint activities ensured;
  • Exchange of experience between civil society on both banks of the Dniestr River and Ukrainian and Russian counterparts organised;
  • Partners collectively identify lessons learned throughout the implementation of the action and formulate a comprehensive methodology of conflict prevention and peace-building.
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