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Media Dialogue: Supporting Sustainable Media Sector Reform in Kyrgyzstan

EPD has been active in Kyrgyzstan since 2012 promoting inclusive policy dialogue following its INSPIRED method. In response to a needs assessment conducted by EPD in early 2019, the current project aims to strengthen the capacity and responsibility of media actors in Kyrgyzstan to operate as drivers of democracy and to prevent potential conflicts during the parliamentary elections scheduled for October 2020. The current project in Kyrgyzstan, is known as Media Dialogue.

Media Dialogue aims to strengthen the national media environment and engage media representatives alongside public decision makers and civil society in a dialogue about the challenges affecting the media sector and facilitate a joint agenda for reforming the existing media policy and legal framework. Promoting policy change through multi-stakeholder dialogue, enhancing media professionalisation and strengthening the media’s economic independence are the three main components of the project. Activities include training workshops, study tours, multi-stakeholder dialogue meetings, studies and reports, technical assistance, sub-grants and monitoring of media legal reforms.


European Union (EU): Instrument contributing to Stability and Peace (IcSP)

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