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Coordinator: European Partnership for Democracy

Media Dialogue (Kyrgyzstan)

This project aimed to solidify the national media environment and to engage media representatives, public decision makers and civil society in a dialogue about the challenges affecting the media sector. This dialogue was to be led in the hope of jointly developing a roadmap to amend the existing media policy and legal framework. To achieve this three pathways were privileged: multi-stakeholder dialogue, enhanced media professionalisation and reinforcement of the media’s economic independence. To this effect workshops, dialogue meetings and technical assistance were set up and studies, reports, monitoring of media were conducted. Furthermore sub-grants and legal reforms were put on the table.

Media Dialogue (Kyrgyzstan)


Location: Armenia, Bolivia, Cape Verde, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, Pakistan, Paraguay, Philippines

This project aimed at supporting local actors in nine countries in identifying, analysing and monitoring domestic policies liable to hinder the implementation of the UN and ILO conventions relevant to the EU’s Generalised Scheme of Preferences Plus (GSP+). The nine INSPIRED+ locally led policy dialogues contributed to the nurturing of trust between stakeholders as well as to increased capacities of CSOs and social partners in monitoring and advocacy. This ultimately led to the adoption of locally owned roadmaps towards the full implementation of the relevant UN and ILO conventions.

9 policy dialogues

Topic: Gender equality in the labour market
Dialogue host: OxYGen

Topic: Socio-economic rights of women
Dialogue host: UNITAS

Topic: Regulatory framework for domestic workers
Dialogue host: ACLCVBG

Topic: Mediation and labour dispute resolution
Dialogue host: Aurat Foundation

Topic: Economic rights of people with disabilities
Dialogue host: CPI

Topic: Economic rights of people with disabilities
Dialogue host: Tegsh Niigem

Topic: Labour rights of women working in agriculture in Punjab province
Hosting Structure: Aurat Foundation

Topic: Violence against women
Hosting Structure: DECIDAMOS

Topic: Land rights
Hosting Structure: ANGOC

INSPIRED Pilot project

This EU funded pilot project sought to put in practice the principles laid out in the 2009 Council Conclusions on Democracy Support in the EU’s External Relations and the accompanying Agenda for Action. Country specific approaches were selected to work on dialogue and partnership, coherence and coordination, mainstreaming and international cooperation and visibility. Through the experience collected in Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Tunisia and Ghana, EPD developed the INSPIRED Operating Model. This methodology for promoting inclusive, multi-stakeholder policy dialogue has continued to be used in multiple EPD projects including INSPIRED+ and INSPIRED Myanmar. Other ongoing EPD projects that are built at least partly on the INSPIRED Operating Model are PASC in Tunisia and EU JDID in Jordan.

Inspired logo Moldova

Objective: to build consensus and ownership among public authorities, business actors and civil society in Moldova with regard to socio-economic reforms for European integration.

Local partner: East Europe Foundation

Inspired logo Ghana

Objective: to challenge the underrepresentation of women in national governance in Ghana, including by advocating the adoption of an Affirmative Action Bill.

Local partner: The Institute of Economic Affairs

Inspired logo Kyrguistan

Objective: to open the media landscape in Kyrgyzstan to the needs of ethnic minorities and increase their representation in national TV and radio programmes.

Local partner: Institute of Constitutional Policy

Inspire logo Tunisia

Objective: to initiate a national dialogue on social justice in Tunisia with a focus on the role of Public Private Partnership, reducing inequalities between the regions, tax reform and improving the investment climate in the country.

Local partner: Centre des Etudes Méditerranéennes et Internationales

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INSPIRED + Paraguay
INSPIRED + Philippines
INSPIRED + Mongolia

Facilitating Zimbabwe’s Civil Society Immediate Contributions to the Constitutional Reform Process

Supporting the democratic reform process

The aim of this project was to anchor the democratic reform process as set out in the Global Political Agreement (GPA) within Zimbabwean society in ways that would help to overcome division and make the reforms lasting and visible. We contributed to this by supporting the work of domestic civil society organisations (10 partners) in anchoring the constitutional reform process within Zimbabwean society in ways that helped to enhance civic participation in the constitutional referendum, heal divisions within society and make the reforms consolidated and visible. The project was structured around the following pillars: 

  • Strengthening civil society coordination of activities in the context of the Constitutional reform process, in order to empower Zimbabweans to participate meaningfully in the Constitutional reform process;
  • Creating synergies between the Parliament-led process of consultation around the constitutional reform and local civil society’s efforts and activities in this area; and
  • Channelling funding from the European Union to local civil society organisations in a timely and flexible manner.

Support to initiatives promoting integral elections in Ghana and increasing the participation of women in politics

Consolidating democracy through gender equity and democratic representation

This project sought to further consolidate Ghanean democracy by ensuring gender equity and fairness in representation in Parliament as well as other national governance institutions. To achieve this objective the following line of action was set. Encouraging women participation in the 2012 parliamentary elections. Balancing the electoral field for aspiring women parliamentarians. Providing assistance to better package the messaging campaigns of women parliamentary aspirants and candidates and better market them. Increasing the number of women candidates to ultimately increase the number of women parliamentarians.

PALOMA | Peace through Advocacy with Local Organisations and Multi Actor Actions

This project sought to contribute to the prevention of radicalisation among Tunisian youth in vulnerable environments. Through concrete actions it aimed at the dissemination of a culture of peace. In order to achieve this it provided support to heighten the profile and involvement of Tunisian civil society, regional public actors and local media in both local and national strategic planning for efforts to raise awareness on the issue of youth radicalisation. The project contributed to the creation CSO networks working on peacebuilding and the creation of local and national mechanisms contributing to the fight against youth radicalisation.

PASC | Programme d’Appui à la Société Civile en Tunisie

Strengthening civil society’s contribution to political and economic dialogue

This project sought to strengthen the contribution of Tunisian civil society to political and economic dialogue. Furthermore it was designed to contribute to the consolidation of the rule of law, democratisation and socio-economic development. In order to achieve this the project attempted to strengthen the operational capacities of Tunisian civil society organisations to empower them to more effectively perform their role in the framework of the democratic transition and economic development of the country. Including through concrete field actions. The project also planned to work on improving the institutional environment Tunisian civil society operated in through the operation procedures, legislative and regulatory texts as well as the capacity of their national partners whether state or local authorities; all factors that govern the intervention of civil society in Tunisia. 

PASC - Tunisia

Basket Funds in Moldova

Supporting local civic actors and CSOs in Moldova

This project’s objective was to provide a comprehensive support platform for local civic actors and civil society organisations in Moldova. The platform was structured around two main components:

  • A platform for knowledge dissemination and exchange of international best practice in the development of the civil society sector, including the development of key core organisational capacities and thematic exchanges in areas such as service delivery, environmental protection or civil and political liberties;
  • A multi-donor fund supporting projects bringing together Moldovan and International actors and structured around the implementation of international best practices and international standards in the above mentioned areas.
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