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The mission of the Press Freedom Consortium is to support the process of development and structural poverty reduction in 11 countries, by improving the quality of the local media organisations, promoting video journalism and photojournalism, and supporting local media professionals, civic participation and the accountability of democratic institutions.


Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands


11 countries

EPD's work in the Press Freedom Consortium

EPD is working with partners towards focusing on improving capacity through the peer-to-peer mechanism. We work on projects in three countries – Egypt, Georgia and Zimbabwe.

In Egypt, EPD is supporting its local partner organisation Better Life for Development and Training (BLDT) to increase grassroots knowledge and practice of democratic conduct of marginalised groups at the local and rural level.

In Georgia, EPD has been supporting Caucasus Institute for Peace, Democracy and Development (CIPDD) in setting up a new website – “Shen Martav” (You Govern). The website will aim at enhancing the accountability of political decision-makers. EPD is also supporting the Netherlands Institute for Multiparty Democracy Georgia (NIMD-G) in giving grants to students from four democracy schools based around the country.

In Zimbabwe, EPD is working on a project with three local partners – Civic Education Network Trust, Youth Agenda Trust and the Zimbabwe Association of Community Radio Stations – on enhancing citizen participation and awareness of the new Zimbabwean Constitution.

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