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The overall objective is to contribute to the prevention of radicalisation – a major problem in contemporary Tunisia – among youth in vulnerable environments through concrete actions aimed at the dissemination of a culture of peace. In order to do this, the project will support the involvement and participation of civil society, regional public actors and local media (tripartite) in local and national strategic planning for efforts to raise awareness on youth radicalisation. The aim of the networks is to make a group of NGOs working together and meeting in a network of actors working on peace building.


Peace through Advocacy with Local Organisations and Multiactor Actions (PALOMA)

Project Lead



International Institute for Human Development (IiDH)


Border belt with Libya and Algeria:

  • Medenine/Tataouine Kebili (South East);
  • Le Kef/Jendouba (North West);
  • Tunis, Bizerte: vulnerable suburbs (North East)


18 months

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