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Reviewing progress on the EDAP

One year after the adoption of the EDAP, the Commission’s track record is impressive: out of the 30 action points it set out for itself, the Commission has completed 13 and made progress on 11. While some Commission proposals and initiatives are imperfect, this progress points to a clear prioritisation of democracy issues by the current Commission. Such progress is encouraging given the global crisis of democracy aggravated by the pandemic. 

The further implementation of the EDAP in 2022 – and more broadly EU ambition on democracy in the next year – will be essential for the EU’s legitimacy, resilience, and unity. This paper first provides an overall assessment of the state of implementation of the EDAP one year after adoption, before analysing the three pillars of the EDAP to assess the progress made on each of the commitments.

This paper has been produced as part of EPD’s broader work following the implementation of the EDAP thanks to financial support from CIVITATES, in cooperation with Democracy Reporting International (DRI), which has included a comprehensive input paper on the EDAP and a joint statement drafted and endorsed by a coalition of 46 organisations with demands for the EDAP.

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