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EPD is the first Community of Practice at the EU level – where practitioners from different dimensions of democracy support can produce and share knowledge and experience in order to increase the impact of their work. EPD currently comprises members with a long track record and specialisations in working:

a) on different fields of democracy support: political parties, local authorities, elections, multi-stakeholder dialogue, political and civil rights, civil society capacity building, media monitoring and civic and political education;

b) at different levels of society: political leadership, elected representatives, state officials, civil society and grassroots community representatives.

By covering different fields and levels of support, EPD has direct insight and hands-on experience of the various dimensions of democratic governance that must work in parallel in a functioning democracy.

The Community bases itself on three key pillars or strands of work that are interrelated: knowledge-sharing, advocacy and joint programmes.

For more information on how to join EPD, contact our Executive Director Ken Godfrey at [email protected].

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