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INSPIRED was an EU-funded pilot project that aimed at putting into practice the principles laid down in the 2009 Council Conclusions on Democracy Support in the EU’s External Relations and the accompanying Agenda for Action: Country-specific approach, Dialogue and partnership, Coherence and coordination, Mainstreaming and international cooperation and Visibility. Based on experiences gathered in Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Tunisia and Ghana, EPD developed the INSPIRED Operating Model – a methodology for promoting inclusive multis-takeholder policy dialogue. This methodology is currently put to practice by EPD in two projects: EPD’s INSPIRED+ and INSPIRED Myanmar. Other ongoing EPD projects that are built at least partly on the INSPIRED Operating Model are PASC in Tunisia and EU JDID in Jordan.



Project Lead



Ghana, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Tunisia

Objective: to build consensus and ownership among public authorities, business actors and civil society in Moldova with regard to socio-economic reforms for European integration.

Local partner: East Europe Foundation

Objective: to challenge the underrepresentation of women in national governance in Ghana, including by advocating the adoption of an Affirmative Action Bill.

Objective: to open the media landscape in Kyrgyzstan to the needs of ethnic minorities and increase their representation in national TV and radio programmes.

Local partner: Institute of Constitutional Policy

Objective: to initiate a national dialogue on social justice in Tunisia with a focus on the role of Public Private Partnership, reducing inequalities between the regions, tax reform and improving the investment climate in the country.

Find out more: INSPIRED+

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