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The members of EPD have come together to create various joint approaches that make the most of the comparative advantage of the network. Due to the expertise from different sectors and the variety of experience in terms of partners, EPD is able to take a more holistic approach to democratic development. All the constituent elements of a political system are interlinked and it is therefore paramount for links to be made between specialists from different fields of democracy support. EPD has developed different joint approaches that are implemented around the world, either stand alone or within other projects. You can find out more by clicking on the links below.


Making Good Governance Better is an approach intended to make a case for comprehensive (democratic) governance programmes, implemented by several EPD members in partnership, reasoning its superiority to (good) governance programming.

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The Action for a Holistic Electoral Approach for Democracy serves as a basis for discussion to jointly designing comprehensive and sustainable electoral support programmes and follow- up on election observation recommendations.

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Our first approach focuses on supporting inclusive and participatory policy dialogue processes between civil society representatives, governments, academia, political parties, trade unions, and the private sector.

For more information check the INSPIRED website.

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A Strategic Partnership Approach to a Conducive Environment addresses the phenomenon of “shrinking civil society space” and proposes programming that targets all relevant domestic stakeholders in a context/country.

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