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As part of its efforts to promote and strengthen democracy in Europe and beyond, Democracy Reporting International (DRI) today became the 16th member of the European Partnership for Democracy (EPD).

“We admire EPD´s way of bringing together democracy-minded organisations across Europe,” said DRI Executive Director Michael Meyer-Resende. “We live in a time where the meaning of democracy is deliberately blurred and misinterpreted to facilitate power concentration and corruption. It is important to work together to defend and develop the essence of democracy and its institutions in Europe and beyond. We are happy to join the EPD and look forward to teaming up for greater impact.”

“We are delighted to welcome DRI into the network and look forward to learning from their expertise and valuable experience in various sectors of democracy support programme,” added Ken Godfrey, EPD´s Executive Director. “Having worked with DRI on issues of democracy and social media previously already, we also look forward to further deepening our cooperation on advocacy. The times call for civil society to stand united to defend and deepen democracy – DRI’s unique approach and well-acknowledged expertise will be extremely valuable in this joint endeavour.”

EPD is a not-for-profit organisation that brings together a network of 16 organisations specialising in the different parts of a democratic system. Based in Brussels, EPD’s mission is to make a contribution to, and reinforce the impact of European endeavours in democracy assistance across the world – including within Europe. EPD fosters cooperation between members through innovative programmes, targeted advocacy and cutting-edge knowledge production.

Democracy Reporting International supports democratic governance around the world with a focus on institutions, elections, constitutions, parliaments, and democratic discourse. DRI is headquartered in Berlin and has offices in Ukraine, Tunisia, Libya, Lebanon, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and Myanmar.

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