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Club de Madrid is seeking a consultant to perform an external project review on its Shared Societies Project as it reaches its 10th anniversary.

The Shared Societies Project is a long-term flagship Project of the Club de Madrid that has been working globally with various governments, institutions and their leaders, advising them on the best approaches to social inclusion since 2007. The project was designed in response to an urgent call from leaders worldwide for arguments and action plans to help them effectively and constructively manage ethnic, cultural, religious and other identity differences – promoting human rights and respecting human dignity – to facilitate coexistence, inclusion, opportunity and participation.

During the past years the project has worked from global to national and local, focusing most of its recent efforts on targeting the Post 2015 Development Agenda process by seeking to mainstream shared societies within the Sustainable Development Goals. Furthermore, the project works as well at the country-level to support Governments willing to undertake reforms aimed at peaceful and inclusive societies, such as Myanmar or Georgia.

Seizing the opportunity of the 10th anniversary of Shared Societies, the CdM believes it is important to undertake an external project review aiming at:

i)               highlighting the main achievements of the project, and

ii)              applying the main outcomes of the evaluation in planning of SSP in the future years.

The external evaluation will take place from the 1st November 2015 to the 1st January 2016. For more information, please see the project review Terms of Reference.

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