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EPD proudly presents its Operating Model for Inclusive and Participatory Policy Dialogue and Integrated Democracy Support.

The Model addresses the operational divide between democracy support and the array of existing tools and instruments aimed at promoting good governance. It builds on the democratic principles of inclusiveness and participation, which provide the red lines that should guide any multi-stakeholder dialogue process. Being centred on evidence-based policy-making, the Operating Model also promotes the principles of transparency and accountability, which are key prerequisites for a functioning democracy.

The Operating Model is made up of three phases: Collective assessment, Consensus-building and Monitoring and donor alignment. Each phase presents a series of tools and techniques that dialogue hosts and facilitators can use to make policy debate more inclusive and participatory, while keeping it oriented towards concrete results.

The full INSPIRED Handbook can be downloaded for free here. You can also download an Executive Summary of the Operating Model here. If you wish to receive a hardcopy of the Handbook or if you have questions, please contact [email protected]

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