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The European Partnership for Democracy welcomes the European Association for Local Democracy (ALDA) to its Community of Practice.

ALDA constitutes an established and well-respected actor in the promotion of good governance and citizen participation. The organisation will prove to be a crucial partner in contributing to the Community’s work for providing multi-dimensional and overarching democratic assistance packages.

ALDA is a non-governmental organisation formed in 1999, whose activities facilitate cooperation between local authorities and civil society. It is membership-based and gathers more than 150 members (including Local Authorities, Associations of Local Authorities and NGOs) from more than 30 countries.

Operating in most of Europe and the European neighbourhood countries, including the Western Balkans, the Eastern Partnership, Morocco, Tunisia and Turkey, ALDA works on a variety of themes. These include European integration, decentralisation, civic initiatives and volunteering, human rights and sustainable economic development.

Its work is conducted through a multi-stakeholder approach that focuses on strong partnerships between Local Authorities and NGOs. ALDA’s structure and commitment to this multi-stakeholder approach mirrors EPD’s own approach and the spirit of the Community in Practice.

ALDA joins Club de Madrid, NIMD, FRIDE, DEMO Finland, EESC, the Portuguese Catholic University, ‘People in Need’ and ECES in the Community of Practice.

With ALDA’s partnership, the Community of Practice now boasts nine partners, and further enhances its capacity to support democratic development across a greater geographical scope, while also bringing valuable expertise and experience in working with regional authorities and civil society actors.

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