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The European Association for Local Democracy – ALDA – continuously supports activities in the field of active European citizenship. In this perspective, we have decided to open a call for proposals in that sphere for activities and events, which take place by the end of 2014 and which will need a partial support from our side to get realised.

Deadline to apply: 10 November 2014

The applications should be committed to the advancement of ALDA’s main goals, which are local democracy and good governance in partnership with civil society organisations and with participation of citizens to the decision-making. They should promote an active involvement by citizens EU public affairs, debates and policies and work towards an ever-integrated European Union. The applications should show links to the previous and forthcoming European years (EY Citizens – 2013/2014;EY Development – 2015)

The conditions are the following:
• The applicants are local authorities or civil society organisations;
• The events can be conferences or debates, seminars, training course, campaigns and other visibility elements;
• The events need to take place in Belgium, Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Greece, Luxembourg, Slovakia and the Netherlands (restrictive list of countries);
• The event should preferably address a partnership between civil society and local authorities;
• The co-funding from the applicants will go as follows:

When ALDA grants 1000 Euros, the applicant will present minimum 1000 Euros as co-funding (Total 2000 Euros per event)

When ALDA grants 2000 Euros, the applicant will present minimum 3000 Euros as co-funding (Total 5000 Euros per event)

When ALDA grants 3000 Euros, the applicant will present minimum 7000 Euros as co-funding (Total 10.000 Euros per event)

IMPORTANT: the co-funding by the applicant cannot originate from EU funds and projects.
• The report will need to include the list of expenses with related invoices.
• The activity needs to end before 31st December 2014;
• The activity needs to mention ALDA’s support and the support by the Programme Europe for citizens by displaying ALDA and Europe for Citizens logos in the agendas and other main documents.
Please find below the application form. Please note the maximum length of the application is 3 pages.
Applications have to be sent via email to Mrs. Biljana ZASOVA, ALDA Senior Programmes Coordinator, at: [email protected]

Guidelines for application

PROJECT OBJECTIVE Please insert an objective explaining the links with Active European Citizenship and the previous and forthcoming European years (EY Development – 2015; EY Citizens – 2013/2014)
ACTIVITY Description of the activity                     
DATE Date of the activity no later than 31st December 2014
TOTAL FINANCING Please mention the total amount financed by ALDA and co-financed by the applicant
OTHER FINANCING Please explain where do your co-funding come
ANNEXES Motivation letter and detailed budget of the activity

The Association of Local Democracy Agencies is a non-governmental organisation dedicated to the promotion of good governance and citizen participation at the local level. ALDA in particular focuses on activities that facilitate cooperation between local authorities and civil society. For more information, visit

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