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Czech Republic and Poland are together outside the Eurozone, however, being obliged to introduce the common currency in the future. Both countries support an active EU policy towards Eastern Europe and are interested in democratization of neighbouring and far away countries. But despite those similarities, there are profound differences. For instance, Poland signed the fiscal compact and Czech Republic rejected it.

Therefore one can ask whether both countries are on the same path or  they have chosen different ways within the EU? Is their engagement in EU external relations similar or different? What are their strategies concerning EMU and EU foreign policy? Are these strategies or merely tactics? These and other questions will be discussed during the meeting which will be held on Monday, December 16 at the Institute of Public Affairs, Szpitalna street 5/22, Warsaw.

Organized by:

The Institute of Public Affairs

EUROPEUM Institute for European Policy

Introductory remarks:

Vladimír Bartovic, deputy director of EUROPEUM Institute for European Policy

Grzegorz Gromadzki, expert cooperating with the Institute of Public Affairs

David Král, director of EUROPEUM Institute for European Policy


Dr Jacek Kucharczyk, President of the Executive Board of the Institute of Public Affairs

The working language of the event is English.

Please confirm your participation till 14.12.2013.

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