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With the presidential elections of 27 October approaching in Georgia, the Netherlands Institute of Multiparty Democracy (NIMD) has officially launched the Voter Information website: The website features the views of Georgian Presidential candidates on a range of subjects covering domestic and foreign affairs as well as ethical issues currently debated in Georgia. The website enables interested public to read about the policy views of Presidential candidates and compare their positions on specific issues. Furthermore, it aims to stimulate policy oriented debates among the various contestants.

The Georgian Embassy in the Netherlands hosted the Dutch launch of the site on Tuesday, 15 October. There, the Georgian Ambassador opened the meeting with some background information on the Georgian elections. After that a representative of NIMD South Caucasus explained the importance of having information available for the public to compare the presidential candidates. The top three candidates were highlighted by presenting their views on a number of important issues in Georgia. It was illustrated how the website could help the public in identifying where candidates were the same and where they differed in their views and policies. By asking all Presidential candidates to answer the same questions on the website, it is easier for the public to make a well informed choice. The event ended with several questions from the audience and a short presentation on the current situation in the Georgian border region with Russia.

EPD works together with NIMD South Caucasus in giving grants to students from four democracy schools in Georgia. Also under the Press Freedom 2.0 consortium, EPD works with the Caucasus Institute for Peace, Democracy and Development (CIPDD) in setting up a website similar to the one presented at the event. The website is called “Shen Martav” (You Govern), and is aimed at enhancing accountability of political decision makers. By visiting events and keeping in close contact, NIMD and EPD frequently exchange knowledge together with the Georgian government and organisations.

Link to video on the event in the Hague (in Georgian).

Georgian promotional video for the website:

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