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Our understanding of democracy and effective democracy support is always evolving. Great learning opportunities are the many events on democracy and democracy support in Brussels and beyond. As we wouldn’t want to miss any of these events ourselves, we share them with you so you can also learn more and participate in debates on democracy and democracy support.

NEWSOCRACY | Protect Public Service media against Political Interference

12 December, Budapest, Hungary

While Public Service Media should be independent, the rise of populism further exposes them to political interference. Politicians try to undermine the media’s independence, manipulate and censor journalistic output. In the worst cases, Public Service Media are turned into state-controlled media, propaganda or public relations instruments.

Join the European Centre for Press and Media Freedom in Budapest to discuss ways to protect Public Service Media and to ultimately preserve press and media freedom in Europe!

20 November, Brussels, Belgium
This one-day Conference co-organised by International IDEA, will explore the evolution and the current state of democracies in East-Central Europe, thirty years after the fall of the Berlin Wall, by bringing together leading thinkers on democracy, policy makers and the civil society in East-Central Europe as well as representatives of European Union institutions.

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Virtual insanity?

 14 November, L42, Rue de la Loi 42, Brussels, Belgium

There is mounting evidence that digital political advertising – when left unregulated – opens the door to some major challenges for democracy and human rights. In view of the Code of Practice against Disinformation and the upcoming European Democracy Action Plan, the European Partnership for Democracy (EPD) invites civil society, academics, policy-makers, media, political actors and the platforms to discuss different regulatory approaches to digital political advertising. The draft programme is available here.

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