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Our understanding of democracy and effective democracy support is always evolving. Great learning opportunities are the many events on democracy and democracy support in Brussels and beyond. As we wouldn’t want to miss any of these events ourselves, we share them with you so you can also learn more and participate in debates on democracy and democracy support.

Digitisation and the defense of democracy

15 October 2019, European Parliament, Members’ Salon, Rue Wiertz 60, Brussels, Belgium

This lunchtime debate organised by the European Internet Forum will discuss how different stakeholders evaluate the impact of digitalisation on democracy, and which concrete policies the EU can contribute to safeguard democracy in the EU.

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31 October, De Nieuwe Regentes, The Hague
This event aims to award journalists who have a strong commitment to press freedom and independent information, for risking their lives everyday to bring us the news.
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10th European Public Communication Conference

7 – 8 November, Brussels, Belgium

In the tenth session of the European Public Communication Conference (EuroPCom), communications expert will come together to exchange new ideas and communications tools, and discuss topics relevant to European democracies and the recent Parliament elections more specifically, including the use of social media, inclusive communication, populism and disinformation.

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20 November, Brussels, Belgium
This one-day Conference co-organised by International IDEA, will explore the evolution and the current state of democracies in East-Central Europe, thirty years after the fall of the Berlin Wall, by bringing together leading thinkers on democracy, policy makers and the civil society in East-Central Europe as well as representatives of European Union institutions.

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2019 Global Forum on Modern Direct Democracy

2 – 5 October, Taichung, Taiwan

The Global Forum on Modern Direct Democracy – the largest gathering devoted to direct democracy worldwide – aims to bring together people with different experiences and backgrounds, so as to give activists and organisations the opportunity to share their insights and connect with others working on the same issues.

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The 2019 Athens Democracy Forum

9 – 11 October, Athens, Greece

The Forum will bring senior New York Times journalists together with international business leaders, policy makers, academics and experts to discuss the state of democracy and what action it requires in the face of mounting challenges.

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